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In A Nutshell

When ambitious professionals need their image in the media to promote their business, we create remarkable professional headshots so our clients leave great first impressions with their audience and have the confidence to put themselves out there. 

Our Services

We work with business professionals who need their first impressions to the public to leave an impact. Their capabilities are judged online by their potential customers and investors and face increased competition for their audience's attention. We provide services that help our customers promote themselves and their work without having to worry about how they are being perceived. 

We know the frustration

We can all agree that persuading, convincing and influencing others to engage with our products or services is crucial to our professional success. These actions/activities take a up a significant portion of our work day whether as an entrepreneur, business manager or creative professional. 
After all this work a lot of professionals end up with the same feeling, that they are being ignored, looked past and not taken seriously.

For many years we have observed the effects, on how impressions created online can create a lasting reputation on the public perception of a person. These effects have even been proven in this Cornell Research StudyOur clients want to be judged on their internal capabilities, intelligence and talents but as humans we judge based on the external appearance. For this reason we guide our clients to look professional in their headshot photos which make up the first point of contact for their audience seeing their online profiles or media feature.

Our Specialization 

We specialise in the production of professional headshots and headshot retouching using techniques found in the commercial beauty industry. Built up from our experience in the fields of marketing and advertising photography we have developed a keen eye for detail and directing clients as well as workflows that guarantee consistency and quality.

What we do

During the session we focus on delivering an engaging experience, coaching business professionals to look confident and approachable in their headshots resulting in sophisticated photos that better define who they are to the public. These images signal to the world that they are trustworthy, ready for business, and take their brand seriously.

We make it easy

Most persons don't take the time to get a professional headshot done because they don’t know where to start. They think the process is complicated and time-consuming but our straight forward booking process and free PDF guide make the preparation pain-free. By also offering free phone consultations we take the anxiety out of the booking process.  See our FAQ's page for more information.

The bigger picture

We've see customers transform not only their public image, but improve their view of themselves. Overcoming their hesitance to promote themselves and instead of staying in the background are now more engaging with their audience. We know the power of headshots as a persuasive communication tool to help convey an attitude of confidence and approachability. We want all of our clients to be able to put themselves out there and feel great about it because we know that great work is being done by talented professionals that gets ignored when they aren’t seen or taken seriously.


Who do we serve?

Based in St. Andrew, Jamaica, we serve executives and entrepreneurs such as consultants, business managers, authors, lawyers and public speakers as well as local & international businesses in need of headshots for their annual reports and business promotions..

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—  Meet Your Photographer

Adrian Creary

Adrian is a Jamaican photographer with 8 years of experience in crafting images for communications firms, creative agencies and corporate entities. From the start of his career as a graphic designer at Main Event Entertainment, he has been using his skills for the sake of helping promote the work of others. The jump to full time photography became the next step as he moved from behind the desk to in the field, buying his first camera, and growing his experience in photography to cover a mix of disciplines. 

His experience 

He has worked for dozens of clients in many genres of photography. Working in corporate, editorial, advertising, fashion, and product photography, he has always tried to bring excellence to his work, many times becoming stretched thin. He's equally in the zone on location amongst the chaos of concert in downtown Jamaica, or in the studio alone in the studio balancing nuanced lighting ratios for commercial products.

His vision

In starting StudioCraft, he decided that his talents were best put to use focused on improving the perception of Jamaicans in business and creative fields through creating better headshot portraits. If it is true that first impressions matter on the individual level then it is often true that businesses fail to engage customers and investors due to a poor image that never quiet communicate the level care and craftsmanship in their offerings.

His Guidance

Seeing the real impact that quality images can have on the perception of a business after years of working in marketing and advertising, Adrian strives to bring this attention and creativity to now help drive future success and opportunities for his customers. 

Outside the studio

When not working Adrian's new passion for reading seems to always have him captured by a good book, or 4. Alway willing to lend a word of advice he's usually is mentoring or assisting colleagues on commercial and personal projects. Otherwise he's staying up to date with the latest tech news, keeping fit, and listening to podcasts.

You can reach him at adrian[@]studiocraft.co and through his Instagram page @adriancreary.


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