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Conferences & Events

Make Your Event a Spectacle

Are you an organiser that wants to add value to your conference or corporate event? Or do you want to attract more people to your exhibitions and give guests a fabulous take away? No matter how many people are at a conference or event, we can create stunning headshots of your guests. Every single person leaves with a professional quality headshot that they will love.

Helping both your event & your guests succeed

Our goal is to keep your attendees coming back, help bring in new members and increases sponsorship opportunities. Our mobile studio can fit easily and neatly in to the look and feel of your event without getting in the way. Your guests are already dressed to impress so why not capture them at their best. Give them something that will help with their networking goals and repeatedly remind them of your event.

Types of events that work great

  • Conferences
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Charity Dinners and Galas
  • Product Launches
  • Senior Leadership Events
  • Staff Events and Retreats
  • Holiday Parties

EventStudio HEadshot Features for Events:

  • Quick & fun event spectacle for patrons
  • Studio-quality headshots during all service hours
  • We take care of all the administration and digital image distribution.
  • Unlimited studio sessions during service hours
  • Online gallery for viewing & selection purposes for each individual and/or entire event. 
  • Optional professional retouching for top picks.

On-site printing services not currently offered.


Tradeshows & Conventions

For bring more foot traffic to your booth

Investing in booth space at your industry’s annual convention certainly isn’t cheap. You want new business leads and a high ROI. Trying to capture attention with tired gimmicks and the same old freebies like branded pens and coffee cups is becoming a waste of marketing spend. How can you organically attract and interact with trade show attendees to turn them into clients? Partnering with StudioCraft for an EventStudio is the answer.

Get More to offer your guests

Business relationships are built on principles of mutual benefit and exchange. People want company representatives to come with something to offer for their time and attention and not high-pressure sales tactics. Think about the last time these dishonest tactics and sales scripts were used on you when you. Convention attendees are being pitched to and sold something from the time they walk in, a quick and fun photoshoot is the something that guests will actually look forward to getting.

generate organic buzz

When you book an EventStudio for your convention booth, you’ll quickly have a line of people excited to get a meaningful keepsake from their time at the convention. They will be greeted with your branding message that’s presented on slideshow screens of other guests headshots. With the amount of potential customers standing in line for your EventStudio, you’ll have a great opportunity to engage more leads than ever before. No gimmicks required.

EventStudios brings the crowd to you, giving you adequate time to talk to people and convert them into new customers.


EventStudio HEadshot Features for Tradeshows:

  • Quick & fun spectacle for convention attendees
  • We include your branding at every point in the interaction
  • Studio-quality headshots during all service hours
  • We take care of all the administration and digital image distribution.
  • Unlimited studio sessions during service hours
  • External slideshow monitor – passers by will see what is happening and get in line
  • We log all email addresses and will provide them to you after the event

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"Red carpet" services

Additionally we can make the entrance to your event a spectacle with fast, professionally lit photos of guest as they enter the venue. Guaranteed not to cause a traffic back up, we collect names and email addresses to send patrons their photos once they have got inside. Make an impact with your guests the moment they walk in.

EventStudio Backgrounds

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Neutral Backgrounds

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Environmental Backgrounds

Green Screen Replacements

How it All works On The Day

With EventStudio Headshots we strive to replicate the same great StudioCraft headshot look and experience at your event or tradeshow. StudioCraft’s EventStudio Headshots are available all across Jamaica.

  • We set up and be ready to start shooting as people arrive for registration. 
  • Guests spend an average time in our headshot session of just two minutes.
  • We take care of all the administration, collecting names and email addresses etc.
  • We load each guest’s images onto a separate online gallery for viewing and selection purposes.
  • Guests are sent a link to select download and share their favourite images in their own time.
  • Clients are sent a link to download all images from the event.

EventStudio Headshot Pricing

Use the Book Your Session button below to request a free consultation and custom quote based on the details of your event or tradeshow booth needs. See how partnering with StudioCraft for an EventStudio can add value to your event, exhibition or conference. Discounts available for multi-day events. 


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Most companies struggle with finding meaningful and effective ways to engage their audience at an event. With an EventStudio from StudioCraft crowds come willingly, enjoy their experience and leave with a meaningful keepsake, giving you adequate time to engage persons during and after the event to convert them into new customers. 

Want the more engagement and highest return for your marketing spend? Get started with a free consultation now.