Your Headshot should be getting you hired


If you're an artist, entertainer, model or influencer then your professional image should be opening doors for you to get more work. An outstanding first impression can drive future success and opportunities. We can creatively craft the look of your professional brand as it grows with you.


That’s why branding is more important than ever. A high-quality photo is your first meeting with the public and confident and approachable images highlight your expertise. Your audience, future customers and potential investors are watching your moves as you promote your talents. 

WHo NEEDs professional HEADSHOTS?

  • Artists
  • Models
  • Influencers
  • Entertainers


  • Your Website & Social Media 
  • Media Coverage
  • Press Kits
  • Advertising Materials (Especially for Entertainers)

What makes our headshot sessions So special?

  • A Tailored Experience: Set up just for remarkable headshots. Our sessions start at 1 hour, giving ample time for the shoot to find it's rhythm. In a comfortable studio setting, given coaching and practice, we're guaranteed to find your winning looks. 
  • Studio Lighting: We use techniques that typically are reserved for commercial beauty portraits. The correct lighting makes all the difference in creating an impactful headshot.
  • Stylish Options: You get to choose from our many background styles and switch up your look with wardrobe changes.
  • Abundant Results: You keep all your favourites, unwatermarked in web resolution and view them in a custom, password-protected gallery.
  • Premium Retouching: We use unique high-end retouching techniques to ensure a consistent & flawless series of images. See examples here.
  • Guarantee: We guarantee you'll love your headshot.

What are my Background options?

Modern White Background

- This modern style is the most flexible for digital use and has no distractions from your features.

Dramatic Dark Background

- This bold style adds more drama to a headshot for those who want to stand out.

Coloured Background

- Done in Photoshop, there are limitless options for colouring your background and replacing it with something that more fits your brand.

environmental Background

- Tell a story with this unique cinematic background that allows you to stand out from a smooth blurry texture.

What if i just use my selfies instead?

If customers aren't seeing you as the trusted authority in your industry, they’ll look past you to somebody else who looks the part. Your LinkedIn profile could be full of accomplishments but people won't form the trust needed to do business with you without a clear sense of who you are. People are draw to work with confident, approachable people. 

Imagine your potential customers or investors thinking you are an amateur who just like to party because your public image portrays you as such. You never want to be ashamed to which picture was used of you in the with article introducing your new project or see an un-flattering photo used in a pitch to your investors. A lack of a professional image may already be costing you a great deal, people's judgements of you from what they see online remain when they meet you, the right first impression now is vital.

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Business Headshot Session Pricing

If the only thing you got from your session was the ability to promote yourself with confidence so that people could effortlessly tell who you are and what you're about, without ever meeting you, it’d be worth it. There are many benefits to improving the first impressions people have of you. Most people who take the time to invest in themselves know it is the most profitable kind of investment you can make.

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The Essential Session


Perfect for anyone who needs a great professional headshot for Linkedin or other professional uses. Great for business owners who need a refresher shot to show go with a launch or speaking engagement. This is a brief session where we’ll guide you in nailing your best look. Then we will review your shots on a computer before you leave the studio.

Up to 1 hour shoot

● Choice of In-studio or environmental photoshoot
● All your favourite photos in a web album for later viewing
● 3 retouched images, ready-to-print
● 2 Outfit Choices
● 1 Background Option
● 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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The Signature Session


This package is focused on taking your personal brand to the professional level. This session allows for ample time to showcase the unique aspects of your personality and story; pose variations, expressions and styles. This session is ideal for entrepreneurial professionals, whose objectives include professional & social networking, websites, marketing materials and all forms of print or digital media.

Up to 2 hour shoot

● Choice of In-studio and/or environmental photoshoot
● All your favourite photos in a web album for later viewing
● 5 retouched images, ready-to-print
● Unlimited Outfit Choices
● Any Background Option
● 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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The Executive Session


This package is for anyone who wants to inject some serious fire power into their personal brand. With this package you'll get the more time, personal attention and the flexibility to choose more outfits and backgrounds. We will work to get you more retouched images so you can market yourself effectively and get noticed in the industry and do more of what you love. 

Up to 4 hour shoot

● Choice of In-studio and/or environmental photoshoot
● All your favourite photos in a web album for later viewing
● 10 retouched images, ready-to-print
● Unlimited Outfit Choices
● Any Background Option
● 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Prices are USD. Prices subject to change.

After the Session

All proofs will be delivered within 24 hours to a web gallery for viewing. From that you choose the ones you want to have retouched. Retouched headshots will be delivered within 5 business days. $50 rush delivery for final retouched shot for same day.


We guarantee you'll love your headshot. If for any reason you don’t like your shots, let us know within 48 hours of viewing your proofing gallery and we can schedule a reshoot.


Professional MAKEUP

Professional makeup elevates the impact of your headshot. We recommend the use of a professional makeup artist for your session.

  • We can assist you in finding a makeup artist for your session if you don't already have arrangements for one.
  • Add a professional makeup artist to your session for $50.

Additional RETOUCHed Images

Retouching elevates the impact of your headshot. We recommend the use of retouched images in marketing material and online social platforms. Retouching Examples

Purchase additional retouched print-resolution images for:

  • $20 each. 
  • $50 for 3 images
  • $150 for 10 images. 
Mystique Staff Photos SCI_5202.jpg

Shooting On-location

Special arrangements can be made to shoot your session on-location. This is subject to availability and suitability of the location and carries an additional charge of $40.

Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 1.43.28 PM.png


- Done in post, a transparency simplifies the process of cutting and pasting your headshot into a page layout or advertisement. This also gives you the option to choose your own background at a later date. 

Purchase individual cut-out images for $10 each. 

Ways to Share & Save

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The perfect gift for a friend or colleague  you know who needs a boost in their professional image. Gift cards for entire individual sessions or discounted dollar values can be ordered at the Book Your Session page. They're guaranteed to be well received and make an impact as a thoughtful gift.

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Discounted Sessions

Returning Clients Discount

Returning clients get 50% off their next session when they refer a headshot session to 2 of their friends. These friends will also receive a 25% discount on their first session.


Agencies who partner with StudioCraft can receive benefits and discounts for referring their clients.