What To Wear In Your Headshot Sessions

Ok, you just booked your session, congratulations! Now we start figuring out how on earth we're going to prepare for the big day. 

  • Pick clothes that have bold, solid colors. Avoid busy fabric patterns that distract the eye (definitely leave the Hawaiian shirts at home!)
  • Bring an undershirt or wear a tank top underneath your outfit so you can comfortably switch shirts outdoors
  • Avoid large logos; small logos are ok, like those little crocodiles on polo shirts
  • Avoid black and white, unless you're planning to layer it under something else like a scarf or jacket. Black leather jackets are ok!
  • Speaking of which, during your shoot think in layers; we can get more 'looks' in the same amount of time by just being creative with the way we layer clothing
  • Focus on shirts, we might include the top of your pants in some 3/4s shots, but the main focus in our photos will be on the tops. 
  • Don't worry a thing about shoes! In these shots we will most likely not see your footwear. 
  • Above all make sure you feel comfortable in what you're wearing! That's the most important piece in the puzzle! 
PreparationAdrian Creary